Considering the trend of services going beyond the distinction between securities and bond/bill business in Taiwanese financial market, Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC)permitted the merger of TSCD( Taiwan Securities Central Depository , current TDCC) & DIDC (Debt Instruments Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd. Taiwan) and the company name was modified as Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation (TDCC) accordingly on 27th March, 2016. TDCC provides the services including book-entry of securities transactions related services, auditing of shareholders affairs for issuing companies entrusted by Securities and Futures Bureau(FSC), and promoting dematerialization and a central clearing-settlement system for short-term bills, aiming to achieve the synergy of investment costs reduction, operational performance improvement, service scope expansion and market development by providing the integrated settlement, clearing and central depository platforms.

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Held the promoters' meeting and drafted the Articles of incorporation.


Held the third promoters' meeting to elect board members and auditors along with the first board of directors meeting and supervisors meeting.


The Ministry of Economic Affairs gave their approval to the establishment of Taiwan Securities Central Depository Co., Ltd. (TSCD,current TDCC) on October 17, 1989.


Securities & Exchange Commission, Ministry of Finance, issued the Rules Governing Book-entry Operation of Securities in Centralized Custody and approved the Rules of Business Operation of TSCD (current TDCC) on the next day.


Taiwan Securities Central Depository (TSCD, current TDCC) formally began its operations on January 4, 1990.


TSCD (current TDCC) had successfully established the linkage among all the securities firms all over Taiwan.


TSCD (current TDCC) started to provide registration of dematerialized securities.


TSCD (current TDCC) has been providing book-entry operation of emerging stocks on clearing and delivery for cash and securities.


TDCC establishing the Offshore Fund Observation Post System to provide information reporting and declaration as well as information transmission services for offshore funds.


On 29th July, 2005, Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) made the resolution on the merger of TSCD(Taiwan Securities Central Depository Co., Ltd.)& DIDC (Debt Instruments Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd. Taiwan). TSCD and DIDC accordingly signed the merger agreement on 19th October.


In 2006, title of Taiwan Securities Central Depository Co., Ltd. was modified as Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation (TDCC) after the merger officially takes effect.


Along with the listing of first foreign currency denominated international bonds, TDCC provided the payment transfer operation, settlement and payment services and cross-border remittances services.


In coordination with the introduction of T+2 settlement, TDCC made efforts on revising the rules and procedures, files format and system program.


TDCC established a shareholders electronic voting platform, the "STOCKVOTE".


Taiwan Stock Exchange, the GreTai Securities Market, and the Emerging Stock Market achieved full securities dematerialization.


Grand Opening of the "Taiwan Stock Museum".


Merged with Taiwan Integrated Shareholder Service Company.


Investing and establishing Fund Rich Securities Co., Ltd.


TDCC implemented the Straight-Through Processing (STP) mechanism of Book-Entry to allow atuomated information exchange between the systems of the participants and TDCC.