Taiwan Stock Exchange(TWSE) was established on 23th October, 1961 and started the business operation on 9th February, 1962. Since 1953, 4 of the largest governmental enterprises’ stock certificates and land bond certificates started to be traded in the secondary market after the implementation of land to the tiller policy. TWSE was established aiming to effectively manage and supervise the unsound and unregulated brokers. Dedicated to servicing the securities market, TWSE has adhered to a single vision since its inception, namely, “liquid securities and vibrant markets” in order to inject momentum into the national economy.Meanwhile, by developing securities market, the channel between private savings and business investments can be strengthened, and thus enhancing the economic growth. Under its vision, TWSE strives to achieve a dual mission: “providing expedient fundraising processes for the enterprises and ensuring a secure investing environment for the public.” By employing the three strategies of “more transparent corporate information, fairer trading mechanisms, and more diversified financial products,” TWSE strives to expand the functions of the securities market both in breadth and depth, develop a trading system and investment environment in line with International standards to ensure the safety and discipline of the market, and accelerate the expediting financial product innovation to meet the diversified investment needs.Looking to the path ahead, the focus and biggest challenge of the TWSE in today’s macro environment of economic stagnation is to inject momentum into Taiwan’s economy and forge new opportunities for growth.

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Taiwan Stock Exchange was licensed as Taiwan’s first regulated exchange, with Mr. Koo Chen-fu assumed as the first Chairman, Mr. Yuan Ze-liu assumed as the first President of Taiwan Stock Exchange, and company located in Industrial and Mineral Building in Huaining Street, Taipei.


The Taiwan Stock Exchange officially opens for business.


Taiwan Stock Exchange moved its office to Chengzhong building, where it adopted open outcry auction trading system and adjusted the tick size.


Clearing and settlement systems moved to electronic systems.


TWSE became founding member of the East Asian Oceanian Stock Exchanges Federation (EAOSEF), now known as the Asian and Oceanian Stock Exchanges Federation (AOSEF).


All stock trading migrated to the semi-automated Computer-Assisted Trading System (CATS). Open outcry trading was no longer existed.


TWSE became the 29th member of the Fédération Internationale des Bourses de Valeurs (FIBV), now known as the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE).


TWSE listed stocks was switched to the Fully Automated Securities Trading (FAST) system.


The real-time market surveillance system goes live and bolsters measures against illegal trading activity.


TWSE joined the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) as an affiliate member.


A book-entry settlement system is adopted for all transactions.


TWSE launched the Joint Responsibility System Clearing and Settlement Fund to ensure the safety of trading and settlement systems.


TWSE became a formal member of the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA).


Online trading was made available to investors to increase ease of order entry.


TWSE became the second exchange in the world to obtain the ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems.


TWSE extended trading hours by an hour and a half (9:00-13:30).


TWSE held a seminar on the future of securities market to celebrate its 40th anniversary.


The Taiwan 50 Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) and The Taiwan 50 Index Futures launched.


TWSE introduced the Securities Borrowing and Lending System (SBL) to facilitate the borrowing/lending of securities among institutional investors.


TWSE held a forum on the future of capital market to celebrate its 42th anniversary.Mr. Yeh-kwong Lee, Chairman of Hong Kong Exchanges,was invited as a speeker (left) taking photo with Mr. Chuan Lin, Minister of MOF, and Mr. chen Shuh, Deputy Minister of MOF(right).


TWSE became the first exchange in the world to obtain the ISO27001/BS7799 certification for implementing information security management systems.


TWSE held the first “Campus Awards for Securities Investment Contest”.


The price limits on IPO issues during the first five days was removed.


The establishment of Taiwan Financial Services Roundtable.


Introduced financial derivatives product trading system.


Held the “International Forum on Investor Protection”.


TWSE adopted the T+2 DVP settlement system to reduce risk and increase efficiency at settlement.


The first foreign company, Integrated Memory Logic Limited (IML), became listed on TWSE.


TWSE became the fourth exchange in the world to obtain the ISO20000 IT Service Management certification.


TWSE hosted the 52nd Annual Meeting of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE).


TWSE shortened the call auction order matching interval from 20 sec to 15 sec.


TWSE launched a pilot program permitting dealers to trade at the price bands within the daily fluctuation limit. The pilot program was made permanent on March 9, 2014.


The Corporate Governance Center was established.


TWSE introduced the Buy-First-Sell-Later day trade scheme.


TWSE shortened the call auction order matching interval from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.


The next generation of trading system was launched. The volume capacity was increased by 3 times and the latency was reduced from 50 milliseconds to 5 milliseconds.


TWSE and TPEx launched the co-compiled Formosa Stock Index, an index offering broad-based exposure to the entire Taiwan market.


TWSE introduced the Sell-First-Buy-Later scheme as the second round of day trading measure.


TWSE shortened the call auction order matching interval from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.


Preparatory office of Global Link Securities Co. Ltd was established.


Announcement of the first corporate governance evaluation results.


Price fluctuation limit has been relaxed from 7% to 10% in securities market.


The capital gains tax for securities was removed for the fourth time.


Introduced the “Mechanism of Trading Halt during Information Assessment Period”.


Taiwan Index Plus Corporation was established as Taiwan’s first professional index company.


Global Link Securities officially became a SGX trading member, enabling TWSE member brokers to trade SGX-listed securities directly.